Alex Rosenberg


On his book The Atheist's Guide to Reality

Cover Interview of November 06, 2011


January 12, 2013

“Things are always more complicated than any story we can remember for very long, even if the story happens to be true.”

It follows as a logical consequence from that that one should believe neither what you’ve written in this article, nor any scientific claim whatever, nor anything Rosenberg has claimed in his book. I hope you would agree that that’s problematic.

“Once you adopt science, you’ll be able to cease treating the humanities as knowledge.”

Rosenberg’s claim is not that once you adopt science, but *scientism*, this will happen. But scientism is a *philosophical claim about science*, and not something known via science at all. But given that scientism says that something is knowable if and only if it’s demonstrable by science, and that scientism is not itself demonstrable by science, it follows that no one has any reason to believe scientism either. We call this self-referential incoherence, and it’s why this was abandoned the first time it was tried in the guise of logical empiricism, positivism, and verificationism, about a century ago. Sadly, in the popular imagination, this lack of critical thinking lives on.