Tom Toles


On his and Michael Mann’s book The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy

Cover Interview of March 29, 2017

Visualizing the Denying of Climate Change

The cartoons in the book encapsulate several key points.

One example is the “Galileo” cartoon on page xviii. It lampoons climate change-denying cranks who present themselves as modern-day Galileos.

Another is the “abyss” cartoon on page 11 that mocks the “false balance” approach that’s too often taken by the media. The cartoon illustrates the presentation of the fringe viewpoints of a fossil fuel industry-funded climate change denier as if having standing with the overwhelming consensus of the world’s scientists.

Some other favorite highlights are the “climate change tipping point” cartoon of page 28, the climate threat “temperature scale” of page 30, the “pause” cartoon of page 55, which ridicules the shopworn climate change denier myth that global warming “has stopped,” and the “geoengineering” cartoon on page 116 which expresses a cautionary view with regard to massive untested planetary climate change techno-fixes.

rorotoko.comClimate Reality

Definitely a strong favorite highlight for both of us is the Trump cartoon of page 148. This is a warning that we “will all pay” the cost of “the wall” that now-President Donald Trump is building to separate him from the reality of human-caused climate change.