Jane Chi Hyun Park


On her book Yellow Future: Oriental Style in Hollywood Cinema

Cover Interview of November 30, 2011


These perspectives have been and continue to be discussed among scholars working on Afrofuturism and techno-orientalism – material that I wish I had been able to engage with more deeply in the book. There is also some excellent work being done at the moment on transnational connections between the US and East Asia, especially in terms of Afro-Orientalism and Pacific Rim diasporas, so if nothing else, it would be great if Yellow Future could play a role in connecting research in these areas of ethnic cultural studies with film scholarship, which itself is overhauling older paradigms through renewed emphasis on production cultures, local media ecologies, and so on.

My ideal would also be for “oriental style” to travel a little further than I’ve had space in Yellow Future. There are all kinds of things happening right now in advertising, cultural tourism, and corporate branding that dovetail with what this book is trying to get at – the way that “Asia” comes to frame all kinds of popular reflections on the present, on modernity, on the future – for better or worse.

So while I’ve been writing within my home disciplines of Asian American studies and film studies, I would be happy if some of my ideas strike a chord in some less familiar places, including outside the academy. I have to admit that I feel the most gratified when one of my serious film buff friends tells me they got really excited about something I put in my book. And meanwhile, I try not to be too mortified when they remind me of all the things that I managed to leave out.