Robert Pells


On his book Modernist America: Art, Music, Movies, and the Globalization of American Culture

Cover Interview of May 29, 2011


The significance of Modernist America is in its scope, and its effort to tie together developments in all the arts and in most forms of entertainment.

Too often, modern American historians do not concentrate on cultural developments, nor do they approach their work from a comparative perspective.  In a sense, they are too insular.

What I have tried to do is provide just such a comparative, global, point of view—and remind us all that trends in culture are as important as political and social events. Cultural developments define a country and a world every bit as much as economic and military crises.

So for any reader who cares about the arts, or who just loves to be entertained by a movie, Modernist America may well be the book for you.

© 2011 Richard Pells