Larry Bennett


On his book The Third City: Chicago and American Urbanism

Cover Interview of November 30, 2010


I have been lucky enough to pursue a profession that has allowed me to explore in great depth a personal passion, cities.  I have also been lucky enough to travel widely and visit cities in many parts of the world.  I am the kind of urbanite who could be happy living in many places.  As it so happens, I have spent most of my adult life in Chicago.  That experience, living in this city, has been a great pleasure but also the source of much intellectual stimulation.

I would like to think that The Third City will open up new insights on Chicago and provoke both residents and others to reconsider their possibly “received” sense of this city.  Then there is the larger question that drives my exploration of Chicago’s particularities.  What lessons from contemporary Chicago might be useful in thinking about how to form better cities both in the United States and elsewhere?

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