Melinda Blau


On her and Karen Fingerman's book Consequential Strangers: Turning Everyday Connections Into Life-Changing Moments

Cover Interview of August 23, 2010


The societal drift today favors interdependence.  We are able to connect in forms—and at speeds—that our forebears could never have imagined.  Researchers in many scientific disciplines affirm that we are “social animals,” not merely directed by our individual minds, but also by our relationships.

What I hope readers will gain from reading Consequential Strangers is summed up in the book’s final pages:

Each of the people you connect with gives you something different.  When we view our lives through this wider lens, we see how far our connections extend.  We watch the cast of players who walk on and off our center stage, which gives us both a sense of belonging and a sense of promise.  We can get things done because we’re not alone.  We can help and heal others and be taken care of as well.  We can discover ideas and experiences that are “beyond our familiar.”

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