Ronald H. Fritze


On his book Invented Knowledge: False History, Fake Science and Pseudo-Religions

Cover Interview of July 07, 2009


While researching and writing Invented Knowledge, I would sometimes worry that the topic of pseudo-history and pseudo-science would become passé.  In fact, there is no danger of that happening any time soon.

Shortly after I submitted my manuscript to the publisher, Gavin Menzies brought out his 1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance.  The title says it all—though it is a little perplexing to scholars of fifteenth-century Italy how the myriad of historians and chroniclers living in Italy at that time failed to comment on the Chinese visit.

Later, at about the time that Invented Knowledge appeared in print, the History Channel aired a new documentary titled Ancient Aliens.  The producers provided the window dressing of giving both the true believers and the skeptics some screen time.  In the end, however, the final presentation was heavily stacked in favor of those who believe in ancient astronauts.  The documentary also managed to resurrect the clearly irrepressible Erik von Däniken one more time.  As an editor at a major publishing company told a friend of mine several years ago, bunk sells, debunking doesn’t.

But my hope is that Invented Knowledge will inform and entertain my readers about a topic that can be fascinating, silly, and sometimes rather ominous and frightening—often all at the same time.

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