Krin Gabbard


On his book Hotter Than That: The Trumpet, Jazz, and American Culture

Cover Interview of December 25, 2008


There is no book like Hotter Than That.  There are a handful of histories of the trumpet, but they are extremely technical and academic.  I like to believe that I have made the instrument come alive as a force in people’s lives.  This is why I have included my own experience of the horn along with the role the trumpet has played at different historical moments.  One reviewer said that the book is about how music helps us discover love and that through love we discover the world.  The book goes beyond the technical aspects of the trumpet’s history and its manufacture and looks at how people have devoted themselves to playing this most difficult of instruments.  Only someone who really loves the horn and the music it makes can master it.  I hope that people who read the book will understand what it means to love the horn and its sound.

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