Nicholas Dungan


On his book Gallatin: America’s Swiss Founding Father

Cover Interview of May 17, 2011


I will hope that, on both sides of the Atlantic, Gallatin: America’s Swiss Founding Father may serve, at many different levels, to strengthen the sense of shared heritage and shared destiny between the United States and Europe.

My book will prove to have lasting value if it causes the American readers to understand how much they and their country owe to continental Europe.  The “Idea that is America” did not appear ex nihilo.  The inspiration and the energy that made it possible for the United States to come into being and to succeed thereafter arose from European sources.

One quarter of a millennium after his birth, the Swiss too had largely forgotten Albert Gallatin, and even in Geneva.  So I am delighted that my book, and the surrounding Gallatin250 project that I suggested to Swiss diplomacy, have helped revive his memory and increase the focus on his legacy in the land of his birth.

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