Thiele, Leslie

Leslie Paul Thiele teaches political theory and serves as Director of Sustainability Studies at the University of Florida. His interdisciplinary research focuses on sustainability issues and the intersection of political philosophy and the natural sciences. His central concerns are the responsibilities of citizenship and the opportunities for leadership in a world of rapid technological, social, and ecological change.  Besides Indra’s Net and the Midas Touch, featured on Rorotoko, his recent books include The Heart of Judgment: Practical Wisdom, Narrative, and Neuroscience (Cambridge 2006) and Working Toward Sustainability: Ethical Decision Making in a Technological World (co-authored, Wiley, 2011).  Dr. Thiele is currently developing practical principles inspired by nature to guide individual lifestyles and organizational practices.  The work is tentatively entitled “Nature’s Compass.”

On Rorotoko:

On his book Indra's Net and the Midas Touch: Living Sustainably in a Connected World
(Our Cover Feature of November 22, 2011)