Struthers, David

David Struthers is a historian with interdisciplinary pursuits including radicalism, immigration, race, cities, and media. David received their PhD in history from Carnegie Mellon University. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, David has lectured at the University of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Business School over the last ten years. Their monograph, titled The World in a City: Multiethnic Radicalism in Early Twentieth Century Los Angeles (University of Illinois Press, 2019), explores the dynamics of a city and region with a rapidly developing economy and large-scale immigration. The book just won the Shelley Fisher Fishkin Prize from the American Studies Association (2019). Their volume Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW (Pluto Press, 2017), edited with Peter Cole and Kenyon Zimmer, is the first global history of the Industrial Workers of the World. David is currently working on a monograph on the history of social media before the Internet.


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On his book The World in a City: Multiethnic Radicalism in Early Twentieth-Century Los Angeles
(Our Cover Feature of December 11, 2019)