Schmidt, Leigh

Jonathan Beasley

Leigh Eric Schmidt became the Charles Warren Professor of American Religious History at Harvard University in 2009.  Before that, he was the Agate Brown and George L. Collord Professor of Religion at Princeton University, where he had taught since 1995.  Besides Heaven’s Bride, featured in his Rorotoko interview, Schmidt is the author of Hearing Things: Religion, Illusion, and the American Enlightenment (2000), which won the American Academy of Religion Award for Excellence in Historical Studies and the John Hope Franklin Prize of the American Studies Association, Restless Souls: The Making of American Spirituality (2005), Consumer Rites: The Buying and Selling of American Holidays (1995), and other writing.

On Rorotoko:

On his book Heaven’s Bride: The Unprintable Life of Ida C. Craddock, American Mystic, Scholar, Sexologist, Martyr, and Madwoman
(Our Cover Feature of January 16, 2011)