Newman, Karen

Karen Newman is Professor of English at New York University.  She has written widely on Shakespeare and Renaissance letters and culture and is the author of several books including Shakespeare’s Rhetoric of Comic Character (Methuen, 1985), Fashioning Femininity and English Renaissance Drama (Chicago, 1991), Fetal Positions, Individualism, Science, Visuality (Stanford, 1996), Cultural Capitals: Early Modern London and Paris (Princeton, 2007) and Essaying Shakespeare (University of Minnesota Press, 2009).  Before coming to NYU, she was University Professor and Professor of Comparative Literature and English at Brown University.  She has also taught at Williams College, The Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University.  Her current research on cultural translation aims to historicize contemporary claims about the globalization of culture.

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On her book Essaying Shakespeare
(Our Cover Feature of August 24, 2009)