Lendon, J.



J. E. Lendon had a very curious upbringing””a Canadian, he was born in Lebanon and grew up in Japan””the memory of which he has tried to obliterate with a quite conventional academic career: he got his B.A. and Ph.D. from Yale, began teaching at MIT, and is now a Professor of History at The University of Virginia.  He is the author of Empire of Honour:  The Art of Government in the Roman World, Soldiers and Ghosts:  A History of Battle in Classical Antiquity, and Song of Wrath:  The Peloponnesian War Begins, featured in his Rorotoko interview.  All of which is to show, in different ways, how futile his attempts have been to escape his exotic childhood.

On Rorotoko:

On his book Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins
(Our Cover Feature of January 04, 2011)