Igoe, Jim



Jim Igoe lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife Gladness and their son Vincent. He is on the Anthropology faculty at the University of Virginia. His research and writing addresses conflicts between national parks and indigenous communities in East Africa and North America, and the role of mass-produced images in mediating people’s relationships with the environment. In 2008, he co-convened a workshop called Problematizing Neoliberal Conservation. This was one of several events that brought together an expanding international network of scholars problematizing and theorizing intersections of capitalism and conservation. Jim Igoe appears in the film A Place without People, a critical history of Serengeti National Park. He is also author of Conservation and Globalization (2004), an accessible overview of national parks and indigenous peoples. He enjoys hiking, conversation, fiction, and music.

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On his book The Nature of Spectacle: On Images, Money, and Conserving Capitalism
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