Delton, Jennifer

Jennifer Delton, is Professor of History at Skidmore College. She holds a Ph.D. in History from Princeton University, and her work focuses on the political, racial, and economic history of the United States in the twentieth century. In addition to The Industrialists, which is featured in her Rorotoko interview, she is the author of Making Minnesota Liberal: Civil Rights and the Transformation of the Democratic Party (University of Minnesota Press, 2002), Racial Integration and Corporate America, 1940-1990 (Cambridge University Press, 2009), and Rethinking the 1950s: How Anticommunism and the Cold War Made America Liberal (Cambridge University Press, 2014).


On Rorotoko:

On her book The Industrialists: How the National Association of Manufacturers Shaped American Capitalism
(Our Cover Feature of April 15, 2020)