Backhouse, Roger

Roger Backhouse is Professor of the History and Philosophy of Economics at the University of Birmingham, England, and has a part-time position at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  He started his academic career in the 1970s, as a macroeconomist, writing theoretical articles and two intermediate macro textbooks.  In the 1980s he changed direction and moved into the history of economics writing a series of books, of which The Ordinary Business of Life (Princeton University Press 2002) was aimed at general readers.  Besides The Puzzle of Modern Economics, featured in his Rorotoko interview, he recently also edited, with Philippe Fontaine, The History of the Social Sciences since 1945 (Cambridge University Press 2010).

On Rorotoko:

On his book The Puzzle of Modern Economics: Science or Ideology
(Our Cover Feature of October 27, 2010)