Ronald H. Fritze


On his book Invented Knowledge: False History, Fake Science and Pseudo-Religions

Cover Interview of July 07, 2009


August 26, 2014

Hi Ron,  Science comes from the Scholastics and Islam so directly from religion and demonstrated its fanatical origins in Islam during the Global Warming debate (even one variable the Earth’s population in 200 years is impossible to ascertain and science deals ONLY in facts, so Global Warming is Probability not science) by not accepting any but their own weak theory. And when I went to school we were told ‘the Sun is a ball of burning gas’ what facts are involved here, and now little Green Men manufacture Atomic Bombs on the Sun.
So I do not see much difference between stating that an unbelievably, impossibly big explosion-from nothing created the Universe and some of the well explained ideas of Rudolf Steiner, I always avoid nothings in case they explode with unbelievable force.