Mark Fenster


On his book Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture (revised and updated edition)

Cover Interview of January 19, 2009


October 02, 2012

Thanks for the overview of your book. Now I don’t have to spend money for or time reading it. The reason I say this is that you used the term, “I believe”, in regards to Loose Change.
Belief always indicates to me that a person adheres to an idea that can’t be proven. Now, I’m certainly not as educated a man as yourself, But at the age of 17 I could overhaul a Mack truck. And this had nothing at all to do with a belief of any kind. It was all a matter of following factual procedures, the laws of physics and an incredibly gifted mentor. So when you can show me footage of the plane that didn’t crash into the pentagon and, also, how a 757 can crash, leaving only a teeny little burnt spot on the ground, I might be convinced to read your book. And, who knows, I might finally come around to the delusion that some dumbass republican has the country’s best interest at heart.
Nah, not really, I’d sooner chew off my arm!
But that’s just me.
Rick Day