Lynn Keller


On her book Recomposing Ecopoetics: North American Poetry of the Self-Conscious Anthropocene

Cover Interview of January 14, 2018


Poetry is not generally given much intellectual respect in North America. It tends to be thought of as potentially beautiful, moving, or uplifting, but not to be recognized as also a serious form of intellectual exploration and communication. Nor is it widely seen as a medium that might help us respond meaningfully to momentous societal challenges. My wish would be that Recomposing Ecopoetics might enhance respect for poetry as an intellectually significant art form and, in particular, generate greater appreciation of the power of experimental poetics.

In relation to our current environmental crises, I hope to contribute to people’s recognition of the important role the arts may play, working in tandem with the sciences, to help us address the extensive environmental issues we face. It remains my dream that as a society we will wake up very soon to the seriousness of those issues and respond in ways that do not repeat old patterns where inadequately considered choices have unintentional consequences that contribute to further environmental degradation. I hope that in some small way this book might enhance our care for what we arrogantly but lovingly think of as our Earth.