Peter H. Schuck


On his book One Nation Undecided: Clear Thinking about Five Hard Issues That Divide Us

Cover Interview of July 26, 2017

The wide angle

I believe that One Nation Undecided is a unique contribution to public affairs discourse in several respects. First, it is written in a dispassionate, non-partisan, and non-ideological spirit. This distinctive spirit is captured in the title of an earlier collection of my short opinion pieces, Reflections of a Militant Moderate: Cool Views on Hot Topics. This balanced analysis is rare in today’s vituperative, hyper-partisan, zero-sum policy wars. In truth, I do not much care where readers come out on these five issues so long as they think clearly about them. Part of what makes each of these five issues so hard is that plausible arguments can be mustered on various sides of each issue. And precisely because these issues are all hard, we should want our fellow citizens to ponder plausible arguments on various sides before reaching their own conclusions.