Harvey Cox


On his book The Market as God

Cover Interview of March 07, 2017


My hope is that this book will help open a new and fruitful conversation between religion and economics. There have been times in the past in which such a conversation did occur, but it has lapsed in recent decades, to the detriment of both sides. For example, there is a long history of the ethical/theological issue of usury and interest, a topic we could usefully explore more in an age of predatory interest and loan-sharking.

The book grew out of a course I taught for a few years here at Harvard called “God and Money” in which students from several divisions of the university took part, including – very importantly – some from the Business School here who told me they wished these kinds of things had a more visible place in their own curriculum. The book has been reviewed in The Financial Times and in Forbes, so it is garnering some interest in the business community. I hope this signals that a renewed and productive conversation may be welcomed.