Lisa Rosner


On her book The Anatomy Murders (now in paperback)

Cover Interview of February 26, 2012


The Burke and Hare case has remained so popular because the myths speak to our fears about medicine, about our bodies, about our society. We can imagine we, or our children, going out into the world, meeting a pleasant, hospitable stranger—a friend of a friend, say—only to find that he or she is really a dangerous predator. We can imagine going to our doctor, relying on his or her skill, and we know that skill has to be bought at the price of some cadaver—we just hope it’s not ours. We can imagine, very easily indeed, a world in which our body parts are worth more to someone, somewhere, than our own lives. And we hope, desperately, that we never meet up with the present-day incarnations of Burke and Hare.