Brian C. Kalt


On his book Constitutional Cliffhangers: A Legal Guide for Presidents and Their Enemies

Cover Interview of January 09, 2012


I do think that it is likely that one of the scenarios in my book, or at least something close to it, will happen over the next few decades. If any ever does, I hope that my book will help the country to find a constructive way to navigate the situation.

I also hope that my book will encourage Congress and the president to think more carefully about these sorts of situations, and to fix the things that are worth fixing. There are plenty of simple steps that can be taken to reduce the risk.

I hope that my book encourages people to look beyond their own personal favorite constitutional theories, and take stock of other approaches. I hope that I can help legal theorists better appreciate the limits of legal theory in dealing with political questions. At the same time, though, I hope that I can help political theorists appreciate the importance of legal theories in these same situations.

Finally, I hope that Constitutional Cliffhangers makes structural constitutional-law issues interesting to a general audience.