Alex Rosenberg


Why understanding science is hard and seduction by the humanities is easy

Cover Interview of December 13, 2011

Why have the obvious answers to life’s relentless questions been hard to recognize even by many atheists?

The most serious obstacle to accepting science’s answers to the persistent questions is one erected by Mother Nature herself.

Ironically, the barrier to accepting science results from the very Darwinian evolutionary process that theism rejects. It’s actually worse than ironic because the same Darwinian process that made it hard to understand science made it easy to be seduced by religion!

The obstacle to understanding (and accepting) science is deep, subtle, insidious, purely psychological, and probably hardwired into our genes. The problem doesn’t even look like a problem. It has to do with the way we—educated or uneducated, atheist or theist, agnostic, deist, scientist, in fact all human beings—like our information to be “packaged.”

A lot of The Atheist’s Guide to Reality is devoted to showing that the most basic truths about reality that science reveals are never, ever, stories with plots.