Russell W. Rumberger


On his book Dropping Out: Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can Be Done About It

Cover Interview of December 01, 2011


My wish is that this book will prove valuable to all stakeholders with an interest in and a commitment to solving the nation’s dropout crisis.

For scholars, the book provides a comprehensive review of the research literature on dropouts, citing more than 700 references.

For educators, the book provides an overview of the various intervention strategies for solving the dropout crisis, from programmatic interventions that targets students most at risk for dropping out to systemic interventions.  It reviews the various methods for determining the effectiveness of educational interventions and the research evidence on the effectiveness of specific interventions.  At the same time, it points out some contradictions in several reviews of the research literature.

For policymakers, the book describes current approaches to addressing the dropout problem at the national, state, and local levels; the limitations of these approaches; and five recommendations for addressing the dropout crisis at a more fundamental level.