Brent R. Stockwell


On his book The Quest for the Cure: The Science and Stories Behind the Next Generation of Medicines

Cover Interview of July 24, 2011


Only a small number of researchers have focused on the undruggable proteins—it is an understudied area.  I would like to see a concerted effort by the biomedical community to address this grand challenge of our time.

In addition, there is an opportunity to educate students at every level about this fundamental scientific problem that has direct practical implications.

By introducing the challenges associated with creating new medicines to curricula, we could teach students key aspects of chemistry, biology, pharmacology and medicine, and hopefully stimulate the best minds to struggle with, and solve, this problem of the undruggable proteins.

The future of medicine is balanced on the fulcrum of the undruggable proteins. Depending on the outcome of investigations, we either face a bleak future filled with incurable diseases, or a bounty of transformative new medicines.

I am optimistic that with a devoted effort, the research community will eventually solve the challenge of the undruggable proteins and the incurable diseases they control.

© 2011 Brent Stockwell