David M. Carter


On his book Money Games: Profiting from the Convergence of Sports and Entertainment

Cover Interview of May 03, 2011


The significance of this book is apparent when you see what is currently occurring in the world of sports and entertainment.

Whether you turn on the television to watch your favorite sporting event, venture off to the stadium to see your home team, or are determining where your company fits into the sports business landscape, you’re being impacted by the implications of the convergence of sports and entertainment.  The level of engagement found today can be directly connected to the evolution of each area discussed in Money Games.

There are lessons learned in the successes and failures found in the history of sports and entertainment convergence.  Money Games catalogs these moments and highlights the areas those involved must be wary of as they move forward.

Each chapter contains a “bottom line” section where I discuss what convergence means to the future of that topic and, importantly, how and where money can be made.  Many pitfalls await the industry as it carefully navigates its way through what this new landscape means.

Upon finishing Money Games, readers should feel as though they have been given a behind-the-scenes look at sports, business, and entertainment.  The lasting takeaway is one where the names and innovations may change, but the underlying implications of convergence remain.  If the reader understands why and how this is happening, their involvement going forward will only continue to narrow the gap between sports and entertainment.

© 2011 David Carter