David M. Carter


On his book Money Games: Profiting from the Convergence of Sports and Entertainment

Cover Interview of May 03, 2011

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While the context of each chapter is found in the stories about each individual moment of convergence, I believe the access to high level executives throughout the industry provides the reader the biggest “wow” factor.

At the end of each chapter, these executives, many of whom have been directly involved with key areas of sports and entertainment convergence, answer questions about their industry’s past, present, and future decisions and processes necessary for sustained success.

Even at a quick glance, the reader will notice an impressive array of thought leaders across many different industries.  These thought leaders have aided the book in myriad ways.  Besides in the end-of-chapter interviews I mentioned earlier, they are also featured in the 27 additional interviews that have provided depth and scope to each chapter.

Taken together, the 36 interviews with industry stalwarts provide a comprehensive look at the way the convergence of sports and entertainment has evolved to become what it is today.

Specifically, the three individual sections that cover at-home, away-from-home, and at-venue convergence highlight the most important areas of sports business today.  Readers will realize how they are affected, in their capacities as fans or industry participants, as the sports as entertainment continues to work toward engaging individuals wherever they are.

Ultimately, each reader will have a unique starting point when they pick up Money Games.  Students and fans will be drawn to the subject matter and history behind some of their favorite topics.  Industry executives will be interested in the thoughts of the patriarchs and critical analysis found at the end of each chapter.  General readers will appreciate a comprehensive look at the business of sports and the role entertainment has played in its past, present, and future.