Daniel T. Rodgers


On his book Age of Fracture

Cover Interview of March 30, 2011

Editor’s note

Originally, this interview ran on the Rorotoko cover page under the headline

“How we got the tools for thinking about society that we have now.”

We highlighted two quotes.

On the first page:

“The nation was not becoming, in any straightforward way, more conservative.  It was becoming something unprecedented.  It was thinking in smaller, more individualist pieces than at any earlier time in its modern history.  It was trying to get through the extraordinary hazards of the late twentieth century with fragments.”

On the second:

“Secession is in the air once again.  Communities have walls, gates, and security guards.  But this is not as unusual in American history as it appears.  What is new is the very fracturing of the words and categories by which we try to grasp social reality.”