Marcus Boon


On his book In Praise of Copying

Cover Interview of November 09, 2010


I would like people to understand how fully and fundamentally they already participate in “cultures of the copy,” and that the particular legal regime that today globally organizes definitions of appropriate and inappropriate copying has a very particular history and benefits a particular group of people.

Modern industry and the modern state both rely completely on practices of imitation, but they should not have exclusive control over the parameters of citizens’ practices of copying.

I think that scientists, artists, lovers, political activists need to confront the way in which their lives and practices are shaped by copying.  Everyone needs to think deeply and act decisively in making the most profound or joyful use they can of our mimetic faculties.  In other words, it’s not a question of whether to copy, but how to copy and what.

© 2010 Marcus Boon