Ana Siljak


On her book Angel of Vengeance: The Girl Who Shot the Governor of St. Petersburg and Sparked the Age of Assassination

Cover Interview of February 28, 2010


I hope that Angel of Vengeance will help a reader understand the essential complexity of the phenomenon of terrorism.

Too often, terrorists are defined by what they oppose or what they hate.  The hatred is real, of course, but most terrorists, even modern terrorists, are equally motivated by what they desire.  In Vera’s case, the ultimate dream was a world of equality, prosperity, and peace—where all of the injustice of the present world would pass away.  It was not anger or hatred, but this dream, which she believed was ultimately worth killing for, and dying for.

In the mind of Vera Zasulich, her violence was “angelic,” because its aim was holy.  Only later did she discover that terror in the name of virtue was an ill-fated project.

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