Marc Egnal


On his book Clash of Extremes: The Economic Origins of the Civil War

Cover Interview of February 21, 2010


Among the joys of writing Clash of Extremes—an undertaking that took more than a dozen years—were the exchanges I had with other historians.  I am grateful to the many individuals who read the manuscript and provided carefully reasoned critiques. I’ve brought some of that dialogue into the text, for example in discussions of the arguments about the relative importance of antislavery and economics in shaping the North, and in an examination of the various reasons—including the defense of slavery, hysteria, and the breakdown of parties—that scholars have put forth to explain secession.

That dialogue continues.  Hence I’ve established a website that readers are invited to visit:  It provides links to all the reviews, blogs, podcasts, and videocasts dealing with my book.  It also includes my response to several of the critiques set forth since the book’s publication.

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