Wafaa Bilal


On his book Shoot an Iraqi: Art, Life and Resistance Under the Gun (with Kari Lydersen)

Cover Interview of December 24, 2009

Editor’s note

Originally, this interview ran on the Rorotoko cover page under the headline

“Both Iraqis and Americans are victims and pawns in power plays beyond their control.”

We highlighted two quotes.

On the first page:

“The 2004 death of my brother in a U.S. bombing, followed closely by the death of my father, brought this duality into stark relief. I had to do something to address the schism between the conflict zone of my home country and the comfort zone of my new life.”

On the second:

“My country is about more than just wars; this book is also about ancient legends, cultures that long precede American involvement—indeed, the very history of the United States.”