Philip Goodchild


On his book Theology of Money

Cover Interview of November 29, 2009


This is a prophetic and apocalyptic book, not only in its dire predictions about the immediate future and its pessimism about the demonic hold that debt has over our lives, but also in its attempt to explain and judge the entirety of modern life.

No one can remain neutral in regard to the book’s central thesis.  So I expect it to be deeply divisive at best, or else regarded with such scandal and outrage that it must be denounced, marginalised or ignored.

The book calls into question an entire modern worldview shared by religious and non-religious alike.  It does, however, give an explanation for the perverted balance of priorities in our society that many ordinary people feel deeply uneasy about.

My hope is that it will be a provocation for thinking, and that it may set up the terms of the problem so that new institutions can be devised that liberate human evaluation and cooperation from the constraints of debt money in a future era of our civilisation.

© 2009 Philip Goodchild