Lynne A. Weikart


On her book Follow the Money: Who Controls New York City Mayors?

Cover Interview of October 20, 2009


Follow the Money is significant because so little is written about banking and its influence on the rest of society.  With the latest fiscal crises facing the country, it could be that the pattern will change and the banking influence on the rest of us will be more closely examined.

The book shows that, by and large, the financial elites won on most occasions, whenever times were hard.  Yet, even in fiscally hard times, mayors clearly had some discretion and achieved some of their goals – whether it was Koch demanding and finally winning the right to control the MAC surpluses, or Dinkins who insisted on money for “cops and kids” not just “cops,” or Giuliani who was determined to spend dollars on public safety and education regardless of what the financial elites said, or Bloomberg who claimed that an increase in property taxes was the only sound choice.  Although private power usually dominated public policy during hard times, New York City mayors did have some wins.

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