Brian Boyd


On his book On the Origin of Stories

Cover Interview of September 22, 2009


In On the Origin of Stories I want to help us understand why we engage in art and fiction, and why these make us such a special species.  I want us to understand the role the arts play in individual and social development, and in fostering creativity.  I want to help reshape the academic teaching of literature and other arts, to revive pleasure in the artfulness and the achievement of art, and to help audiences enjoy a sense of creative participation in art through learning to understand artists’ problems and solutions.  I want us to link the sciences and the arts in one consistent framework of explanation, and in the way we foster and value both, and in our appreciation of the purpose they give to our lives.

But although I think science can explain why and how art has come to matter, that will not give science the emotional impact of art, nor allow it to find a formula for art, nor make art matter less.  If anything, it will only clarify why and how art matters so much.

© 2009 Brian Boyd