Ann Marie Stock


On her book On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking during Times of Transition

Cover Interview of July 05, 2009


Very little attention has been paid to Cuba’s film production in recent years – and even less to the audiovisual activity by a new generation of artists mediating national and trans-national forces.  Given all the changes that have occurred in Cuba over the past two decades—including the erosion of state hegemony, the rapid expansion of the public sphere, the engagement with global markets, and the reconfiguration of Cuban identity—there is a pressing need to examine the dramatic transformation of island filmmaking.  On Location in Cuba represents the first book-length study in any language to interrogate the island’s changing audiovisual landscape so as to make sense of these larger shifts.  As these audiovisual artists navigate the waters between a state-controlled system and a market mechanism, they provide us with a window through which to view an island in flux.

© 2009 Ann Stock