Alan C. Braddock


On his book Thomas Eakins and the Cultures of Modernity

Cover Interview of June 17, 2009

Editor’s note

Originally, this interview ran on the Rorotoko cover page under the headline

“Approaching art history in a more ethical, interdisciplinary way.”

We highlighted two quotes.

On the first page:

“Whereas many art historians have attributed a modern perception of ‘cultures’ to Eakins, my book demonstrates that the artist – who died in 1916 – did not use that term and could not have perceived human differences like a modern anthropologist.”

On the second:

“Compared to many Anglo-American professionals of their generation, Eakins and Cushing were tolerant about human diversity. They were sympathetic to people whose customs were different from their own. But Eakins and Cushing were a far cry from cultural anthropologists of our time in terms of sensitivity.”