Abraham F. Lowenthal


On his book Global California: Rising to the Cosmopolitan Challenge

Cover Interview of June 07, 2009


This book shows Californians how they can promote their international interests: by better mobilizing their potential influence on federal policy, especially through the state’s powerful Congressional delegation; by taking full advantage of the scope allowed by the courts for state and local action on issues ranging from infrastructure to education, integrating immigrants to health care, procurement and investment policies to border management; and, perhaps most importantly, by building cosmopolitan capacity: the ability of citizens, firms, labor unions and other non-governmental organizations to better understand and pursue their own global interests.

Too much is at stake for Californians to leave thinking and acting on international affairs to the federal government and to East Coast think tanks.  Global California is aimed at decision-makers and opinion shapers in California and throughout the United States, who understand that globalization is now a fact, and that our real choices are therefore not whether to cheer or condemn it, but how to think strategically and act effectively in response.  Californians and all Americans need to learn how to gain as much as possible from international engagement—from trade, investment and migration—while managing, mitigating and compensating for its risks and costs.

© 2009 Abraham Lowenthal