E. Paul Zehr


On his book Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero

Cover Interview of May 26, 2009


The bottom line of Becoming Batman is to get across the idea that the human body has tremendous capacity for adaptation.  Given the necessary combination of genetics, training, drive, skill, and lots of money it is physically possible for a very unique and special human being to become Batman.  But, due to all the stresses and injuries, it would take a really long time and it would be difficult to actually be Batman for long.  The idea of becoming Batman is really a metaphor for human performance.  Exploring this metaphor, the book’s most important point is that we humans have tremendous potential to tap into and use to achieve what we set out to achieve.

The key to unlocking the inner superhero in all of us is always doing the best we can at every single thing we do and never giving in or giving up.  If there is one real-life lesson from Batman, that is it.  We all have a bit of Batman deep inside of us.  It is up us to find it and put it to use.

© 2009 E. Paul Zehr